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Robert P. Clarke's Art Calendar 2021

Robert P. Clarke art Calendar 2021

Lauching this September 2020 

Books Marathon Project and Images ©Robert P. Clarke 2020

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Projects Starting in September / October 2018

The 'Smallest Life Class in the World' and the 'Smallest Life Class' Projects. 

The 'Smallest Life Class in the World' and the 'Smallest Life Class' Projects ©Robert P. Clarke 2018

Life Drawing Project in Studio 12, The Art House.  Click here for full details.

Life and Figurative Art Project - One to One individual collaborations using drawing, painting, video, photography, sculpture, sound, spoken word, poetry, digital media, and performance, working towards exhibitions and publications.  Artists are selected onto the project.  Please contact if you are interested in this project.


Books Marathon Project

Pre-Event Exhibition in October 2017

Books Marathon Project and Images ©Robert P. Clarke 2017

Linked Art Exhibition to
Books Marathon took
place in October 2017.  Other Pre-Events to come starting with book launches from September 2020...

Books Marathon Project
- 1st books to be published in 
September 2020 - 1st Books Coming Soon...

Events continue until
September / October 2022 / 2023...

and beyond!

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Reflections on 16/08/2017

The Bridge ©Robert P. Clarke Written 2011 / Published 2011 / 2012

I stand on the bridge looking out
I stand under the bridge looking up
I stand at the bridge admiring you
At your structure and purpose

You carry me
I pass under you
You support my crossing
I leave you behind

I look back at your structure
And bid farewell
The bridge
I have just passed

And as I go I contemplate
The crossing I have just made
Passing in life
To a better place

Read at Joan's Funeral on 16/08/2017

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